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You can try something new and something that smell so nice. Do you have attraction to Far East? You can enjoy special erotic massage which combines favorite turkish and thai soapy massage.

How is erotic soapy massage?

Soapy massage is different than standart erotic massage by performing and use of materials.
You relax and warm yourself in hot shower before soapy massage. You throw away work and everyday stress and meet with our masseuse in massage room. You lay comfortably on warm massage futon and massage can begin.

Concept of massage is to relax whole body and is performed by 70% direct contact body to body. Masseuse perfoming massage completely naked and intesifies massage by her own body weight. She is using very effectiv techniques LomiLomi massage, arms, elbows and even her bottom. She use
warm massage oil with addition of special soap. Oil is warmed constantly during whole massage to achieve maximum comfort.

You can enjoy soapy massage not only by laying on your stomach but also on your back. Micro bubbles will pleasantly cares every centimeter of your body and your intimate parts.

For bubble lovers, rich fragrant foam and body to body massage. It is ideal not only in hot summer days!



This massage can provide you with: