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Prostate is one of the most important glands in the body of a man that can offer a lot of excitement.

It is also sometimes referred to as the male G-spot, which is stored inside the pelvis and stimulation brings deep and intensive sexual experiences, which for most men is so far unknown.

Healing effects of massage help prevent prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, and with it the associated erectile dysfunction. It leads to a deep physical and mental relaxation. He has the ability to develop experience massaged. Despite these positive effects, prostate massage offered her a few of the men who got the
courage to try.

We would like neared the course of this massage and demolished certain taboos that each carries the massage and support your decisions that will in practice be pleasantly surprised.

What about prostate massage and its course?

Prostate massage starts from the outside, gentle massage the perineum (the place between testicles and anus) and continues through direct massage through the anus using a special lubricant. At an internal massage is used for reasons of hygiene soft latex gloves.

Prostate massage, however, does not occur suddenly, but is part of a holistic sensual tantric massage or erotic, which the body beautifully prepared and released. During the massage, the masseuse arises and client confidential, intimate atmosphere in which as time Fall primordial shame and embarrassment.

Prostate massage should not be painful, masseuse progresses slowly and the first full buttocks and anus to prepare a massage. Only when the whole area is sufficiently relaxed, continue to direct stimulation.

This method during long massages can be optionally combined with the effects of warm towel that heats particular area of the abdomen, shoulder and back.

Prostate massage can be best taken in the prone position, but it can be included during the massage several times, including as part of an intimate massage simultaneously in the supine position.

Prostate massage is extra part of massage, you can buy it only with another massage!

What is prostate massage unique?

Prostate massage is unique in that it takes an active role masseuse and awakens in man the feeling of full devotion. Here you can afford to devote themselves fully to their hands and forget about everything else. It is good to give free rein to all the necessary physical manifestations: make noises massage experience fully and without hesitation. If you need during a massage while kneeling and moving ass, do it.

What if it does not work at the first time?

This massage is very sensitive and intimate issues sometimes happens that the
first experience is not what it could be.

The culprit may be different kinds of fear, the taboo or bad experience with a masseuse. Among others also need to learn to accept this massage.

Sometimes it comes out right the first time, sometimes it is necessary to proceed in small steps, gain the trust of the masseuse, relax, let go of fears and let your body slowly get used to something new. Who will endure, that prostate massage pleasantly rewarded ecstatic and deeply relaxing experience.

From the experience of many men we can say that this technique is worth it. A good massage is not only active way to the recipient, but also deeply hidden parts of yourself.



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